Luxury Square iPhone Case

COCOMII has gained recognition in several prominent media outlets. Notably, The Wall Street Journal has referred to COCOMII as "Quiet Luxury" and "A Status Symbol," acknowledging the refined and prestigious nature of our products. Additionally, AppleInsider has described COCOMII as "Chic, Resilient, and Affordable," highlighting the blend of style, durability, and accessibility that defines our offerings. These commendations from reputable sources underscore the unique qualities that COCOMII brings to the market.

At COCOMII, we distinguish ourselves in the Square iPhone case market by delivering a unique blend of luxury and affordability. Unlike some brands with exorbitant prices and mediocre quality, we are committed to producing high-end Square cases without the extravagant cost. Our meticulously crafted cases offer a perfect balance of style, durability, and functionality, ensuring a true luxury experience at an accessible price point. Choose COCOMII for Square iPhone cases that redefine affordable elegance.

Yes! The square shape of the iPhone case provides superior protection to your device. With its four corners, the case provides extra support and reinforcement against impacts and drops. The square shape also allows for a more snug and secure fit around your phone, reducing the risk of your device slipping out of the case.

COCOMII Square iPhone cases are made from premium silicone and high quality TPU materials. Our signature Square Silicone cases provide you a silky soft touch feeling. Our high end TPU cases provide you with a shiny smooth touch feeling. All our cases are built to last, comfortable to hold, and beautiful to look at!

Yes! The Square iPhone case offers a sleek and modern aesthetic. The square shape is eye-catching and unique, making it a great conversation starter and a way to express your personal style. The square shape also allows for more creative and customizable designs, adding an extra level of personalization to your device.

COCOMII Square iPhone case. Many celebrities (such as Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner) are using luxury COCOMII Square iPhone cases because they provide a unique and distinctive look, which can help them stand out in a sea of similar-looking phone cases. As well, Square iPhone cases offer better protection for their phones and allow for easier handling during photo shoots or red carpet events.

COCOMII Square iPhone cases have gained popularity due to their unique design and aesthetic appeal, which appeals to people looking for something different from the standard cases. The square shape is sleek, trendy, and chic. As well, square cases offer additional features such as better grip and improved shock absorption.

Square Luxe Club

Our commitment to quality stems from strategic choices. Rather than investing heavily in traditional advertising, we focus on delivering exceptional craftsmanship and sourcing premium materials. By relying on word of mouth, including our Refer A Friend program, we cultivate a community of satisfied customers who appreciate and share the value of our high-quality, durable, and fashionable products. This enables us to maintain affordability without compromising on excellence.

Participating in our Refer A Friend program brings exclusive benefits for both you and your friends. When you refer a friend who makes a purchase, they receive a generous 20% discount on their order as a token of appreciation. As a referrer, for every friend you successfully refer, and who places an order, you also enjoy a 20% discount on your next purchase. Sharing the love not only rewards your friends but also ensures that your loyalty to our brand comes with delightful perks. Because at COCOMII, we believe sharing is caring.

Becoming a member of the Square Luxe Club unlocks a world of exclusive perks and rewards. To join, simply click on the gift box icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen. Our rewards club operates like a stamp card, aptly named the Square Card. When you fill up 6 squares, you'll receive an impressive discount of $10, equivalent to over 50% off on select products. As you ascend the VIP tiers, your discount can soar to as high as $20.

But that's not all – our members enjoy additional benefits such as priority order processing, early access to new releases and sales, and dedicated customer support. Accumulating squares is a breeze; you can earn them by placing orders or by taking simple actions like liking our Facebook page, leaving a review, or celebrating your birthday. Elevate your luxury experience with the Square Luxe Club!

Sustainability Initiatives

Our sustainability initiative is a commitment to environmental responsibility. With every purchase of COCOMII Square iPhone case, we plant a tree, eliminate 2 plastic bottles from circulation, and offset 3 kilograms of CO2 emissions.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, providing cleaner air and helping combat climate change. By planting a tree for every COCOMII Square iPhone case sold, we contribute to reforestation efforts and support a healthier planet.

We partner with Greenspark dedicated to reducing plastic waste. We ensure that for each COCOMII Square iPhone case sold, the equivalent of 2 plastic bottles is either recycled or repurposed, reducing the demand for new plastic production.

We invest in verified carbon offset projects that reduce or capture greenhouse gas emissions. These projects can include renewable energy installations, reforestation efforts, and methane capture from landfills, all of which help combat climate change.

Our tree-planting initiatives are typically global and may vary based on partnership opportunities and reforestation needs. Our aim is to contribute to reforestation efforts where it's most impactful for the environment.

We provide updates and information on GreenSpark and through email newsletters, so you can stay informed about the positive impact your purchase is making on the environment. As well, after you made purchased, you will be invited to create your own dashboard to track your progress!

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint. COCOMII Square iPhone cases are designed to be durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements and contributing to a more sustainable product life cycle.

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